Veinamin PM®

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Veinamin PM®

This proprietary blend of horse chestnut extract and bilberry taken together will reduce symptoms related to CVI – leg swelling, aching and leg heaviness.......


Veinamin® PM - 100 capsules - 100 day supply


Approximately 25 million Americans suffer from superficial venous reflux disease. Superficial venous reflux disease is not limited to unsightly varicose veins. One can have superficial venous reflux disease alone, superficial venous reflux disease with varicose veins, or varicose veins without venous reflux disease.

Venous reflux or venous insufficiency develops when the valves that usually keep blood flowing out of your legs become diseased and don't function as one-way valves. The blood 'refluxes' back into the legs. In essence, it is like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) when acid in the stomach goes the wrong way - instead of moving down into the small intestine, it refluxes into the esophagus, causing acid reflux symptoms. Venous reflux is venous blood being pushed back into the legs, instead of it moving towards the heart and lungs for proper oxygenation. This pooling of blood and this pressure force generates varicose veins and all of the problems such as discoloration of the skin with bronzing, pigmentation and eventually skin ulceration - called venous stasis ulceration. The likelihood of venous stasis ulceration as a lifetime risk in individuals with venous reflux disease is 1 in 24.


Features and Benefits

Veinamin® PM was designed by two Board Certified Phlebologists (Certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine) as an evening dose to support symptoms associated with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). This proprietary blend of horse chestnut extract and bilberry taken together will reduce symptoms related to CVI – leg swelling, aching and leg heaviness. Horse chestnut extract has been shown to be as effective as wearing compression stockings for the treatment of CVI. Bilberry, an anthrocyanin enhanced extract, is a potent oxygen radical scavenger (antioxidant) that protects cardiovascular tissue. This evening dose of Veinamin® PM aids in maintaining and promoting venous integrity and treating symptoms resulting from CVI. Take this product as an evening dose in conjunction with Veinamin® AM.


Active Ingredients

Horse chestnut extract (20% Aescin) and Bilberry extract.

Other Ingredients

Uberceuticals® formulas are proprietary, meaning that the herbs and minerals are compounded to our specifications and patented in a manner that cannot be used or duplicated by other companies or third party manufacturers. Other lesser brands may formulate products with similar ingredients, but the ratios of ingredients in our product are clinically tested and cannot be duplicated. Uberceuticals® is the Leader in Vein Care Science.

Additional Information

Take one capsule of Veinamin® PM in the evening, preferably with food. Horse chestnut extract and bilberry can be taken with all medications except for the blood thinner coumadin - Warfarin®. We recommend that you take Veinamin® PM in conjunction with Veinamin® AM for maximal efficacy and symptom relief of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

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